Our first 2 weeks

We have started a little earlier than normal I was excited to get to see every one. Have seen some kids that I have known since they were in kindergarten and have met some new students in 8th grade. We are excited for our year learning Bible verses getting to know each other and how Jesus is to be a BIG part of their lives. They teach me as I teach them.

We are giving you lots of investment opportunity to support #outreachchildrensministry teach at #jcbibleclubs.

1. Attend our annual fundraiser celebration


. Support jcbibleclub by purchasing a tshirt $15 any size.

3. Order Brownies $12.00 now through September 30

It’s always about sharing Jesus. The prayers and investment always we appreciate and are blessed.

Psalm 37:4,5

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I am from the Lawndale/Hawthorne and as a child loved attending vbs and learning about Jesus. God knew that too. So when asked in Bible college to teach Kindergarten I said yes. The Journey continues i am a former children's pastor at my home church my Pastor suggested that I go to parks after school. God moment. "Hanging with Kathy" was born. (started in church parking lot) I went with the Bible, activities and snacks of course. I received some training from a missions organization, and then with Pastor and elders recommendation started JC Bible Clubs in public schools. I am completing my 10th year.

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