Journey to Jesus continues

We have coming the first 2 weeks of JC Bible Club in the park.We have had 5 children and parents, most are regulars but 1 new visitor each week. We learned last week that Jesus is alive and this week Jesus goes home to His Father in Heaven but promise of a helper the Holy Spirit will come.

On our Instagram page outreach_children_ministry is going through the Bible we started in January, reading 3 chapters a day if you would like to join us we are in the book of Psalms ch 27-29 with a review

We also have a YouTube channel that helps you with 6 sessions on how to teach a JC Bible Club.

You can like and subscribe. We are a non profit that reaches others to teach others about Jesus.

If you’d like to join us

We will be doing jc Bible in the park. Journey to Jesus

Every Thursday at Rudolph park 1pm-3pm

Starting June 30-August 18

Enrollment in link above

Every Tuesday starting July 5-July 26we will be at Glasgow park in the wisburn area

August will be at Del Aire Park in Hawthorne

1-3pm August 2-August 16