We want to meet in person responsibly

We have had quite a year. Its been interesting to watch God and see how He works and us how we handled things. We talked alot about not being afraid. And trusting God and that is always going to be. God loves us and wants us to the best we can be in him. And we can only do this if we trust Jesus as our personal Savior.

We want to start meeting again its almost summer and the kids will be out of school zoom or otherwise 🙂

Are you ready we are thinking the middle of May.

😷and 6🦶🦶🦶🦶🦶🦶 in a local park.

Let me know contact ms Kathy 424-335-9822 or ocmkathy@aol.com

Because superstar with Jesus


June 1,3 and 5th from

6:15-7:00pm bring your families. And we learn how to learn that by follow Jesus will be superstars for Him

Bring your Bible

If you want to attend contact ocmkathy@aol.com

JC Bible club is a non profit 501c3 and

We offer free Bible club

We do ministry for Jesus Christ and if you would like to donate we accept PayPal ocmkathy@aol.com

Contact by text

Ms Kathy 424-335-9822

Hope He’s name is Jesus

As a Christian I always know that I have hope my theme verse is 1 Peter 3:15

Always be ready to share the Hope that you have.

This world is not my home is a hymn we used to sing.

But it’s true. As a Christian we do have a hope a future Jeremiah 29:11-12-13 His has a great plan He knows he don’t need to know we just need to seek Him and know His plan.

If you don’t have this hope pray to God and ask him to reveal Himself to you that this will pass because His plan is better.

Be encouraged.

Toilet paper only last for a time. Life with Jesus lasts forever.

Please feel free to email me and I will be glad to pray with you. Jesus loves you.